Flying Humanoids, What’ll They Think of Next?

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It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s… What the hell is that?  Since the Wright Brother’s first flight in December of 1903, our skylines have seen a flood of aeronautical wonders, from simple propeller planes to jumbo jets to stealth bombers, but all these have something in common, they’re airplanes.  What some people have been witnessing in the sky can hardly be compared to these technological marvels.

Flying Men Phenomenon, which, as the term suggests, is the strange trend being reported in many parts of the world describing humanoid figures flying or hovering without any apparent technological assistance.  Stories of Flying Men come from such exotic locales as the Solomon Islands (as previously reported in The Solomon Island Giants and their ET Neighbours) Japan and even right here in North America, a la Brooklyn, New York and most recently San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Colorado is no stranger to unexplained phenomena, what with their long history of UFO sightings, Bigfoot cases and even a satanic encounter or two.  Most of the accountings tell tales of weird humanoid looking figures hovering high above populated areas for minutes to hours.  Some say the figures are winged, others say they look just like an action figure hanging in mid air.

There are a few blurry photographs on the internet, but nothing to write home about, most are so out of focus that all you can see is a blob centre frame.  If you do a Google search for Flying Men you’ll get only a few relevant results mixed in with an ambiguous list of sites referencing other aerial phenomenon.  But one thing you might notice is that the information you’ll find is suspiciously similar, as if all the websites offering Flying Men stories are all just re-postings of the same blog article, the original for which is difficult to determine.

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That article explains, quite briefly, about Colorado’s colourful past, and offers a cursory description of the Flying Men, much as you read above, but there’s no corroborative information listed and one is hard pressed to find a date for any of the reports –though if you look hard enough you can find a rare case or two, such as the report out of Poland in 2000[1], but even that report is second-hand and lacks any corroboration.

One report does stand out against the background however, and that one comes courtesy of the famous  The post, authored by Santiago Yturria and titled The Mysterious Flying Humanoids details a series of sightings in Colonia Agricola Oriental, Mexico, by renowned Mexican sky-watcher and UFOlogist Salvador Guerrero among several others.

In March of 2000 Guerrero captured a spectacular sequence of video footage of a so-called flying humanoid over his home.  This marked the beginning of a long series of sightings all over Mexico, a series that produced the best known photos and video captures of this phenomena.

The single thread of commonality between all of the reports, including those that occurred in foreign airspace, is that the witnesses were able to see, clearly, fully formed arms and legs, which begs the question…what the hell are these things?

Despite the evidence and anecdotal reports, little serious investigation has been undertaken in this regard, and as you might imagine, everyone is scratching their heads trying to come up with an explanation.  Whatever they are, it appears no one region has a monopoly on the Flying Men phenomenon and if you watch the skies long enough, who knows what you might see.

[1], 2000: Flying Humanoid in Poland,

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  • Tribal Alien Gothic

    Thanks to John Keel, I have read some very interesting cases of Flying Humanoids throughout the years. The Flying Bat Man of New York many years ago is a good example. Perhaps of a similar nature is Spring-heeled Jack (who didn’t quite fly, but jumped amazing distances). The Flatwoods Monster of 1952 which glided or floated might also fit into this pattern. As many of these cases report that the entity also had golowing or strange eyes, and sometimes emitting strange smells, they seem to fit into a Cryptid pattern… TG

  • Martin J. Clemens

    It strikes me that much of the available descriptions resemble the infamous Mothman, even though he was said to be winged. The Bat Man of New York is an interesting story. Many of these more modern reports seem to equate the flying humanoids with aliens and/or UFO’s, but admittedly, they do seem to fit into a cryptid pattern, as you say.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Tribal Alien Gothic

    Fitting things into patterns seems natural to us I guess. Many years ago, I witnessed (along with two others) a shimmering 10′ Orb high up in the clear daytime sky. It was translucent and seemed to have a figure-eight rainbow contained within. We watched this occurrence for about ten minutes – and it then just faded away. Even though it seemed to one of us that this ‘thing’ had intelligence, I put it down to some very rare and freakish weather pattern. Later, when I mentioned this sighting, some said it was an “Angel” while others stated that it was an “Alien Encounter”. To me, it is simply a mystery – one that points out how we tend to put things into patterns that we like best. I try to be objective, but sometimes…

    BTW, it IS interesting that the Flying Humanoids do resemble the infamous Mothman!


  • Renae Rude – The Paranormalist

    Excellent article without unecessary breathlessness. I apreciate that.

    (Found you via a pin on Pinterest.)

  • Martin J. Clemens

    Thank you, and thanks for reading.