The Nazi Bell, Wunderwaffe or Time Portal?

the-bell-papercraftSecret facilities, hidden deep in northern Germany, leaked and de-classified documents, anecdotal evidence and urban legend, all of it pointing in one direction.

And what direction is that?

Die Glocke or in English, “The Bell” is believed to have been Nazi Germany’s famed Wunderwaffe or Wonder Weapon.  It was the culmination of Nazi Germany’s brightest scientific minds.  The same people who brought us the V1 and V2 rockets (the V2 being the first manmade object to leave our atmosphere and plunge into the cold depths of space) are also thought to have been involved in the development of a weapon so terrible that some accounts describe factions of these scientists refusing to release technical plans to Nazi leaders for fear of what might be done with the technology.  Incidentally, these were also the men who eventually helped to design and build the first atomic bomb.

The Bell, however, is a complete mystery, though there is no shortage of conspiracy surrounding it.  First word of Die Glocke was presented to the free world in 2000 by one Igor Witkowski, a polish author who wrote a book titled (in Polish) Prawda O Wunderwaffe or The Truth About The Wonder Weapon. Witkowski claimed that he met with an unnamed Polish Intelligence contact in 1997, from which he reports to have been shown classified Polish Government documents detailing Nazi weapons research projects.  Die Glocke was one of those projects.

The story of Die Glocke was later picked up by British author Nick Cook who added his own flavour to the tale in his own book The Hunt for Zero Point.  Whatever the truth about “The Bell”, conspiracy theorists and even some in the general scientific community are convinced that the Bell did in fact exist and that it was a machine of incredible power.

Nazi_ReichsadlerFor the record, no one really knows what Wundwerwaffe actually was, or even if Nazi Germany was really developing anything other than conventional weaponry.  Most mainstream science and historical experts are adamant that the V series rockets were the pinnacle of German technology at the time, and that the Bell is a simple urban legend.

But I’m not about to leave it there…you knew I wouldn’t.

Most who believe that the Bell exists, or existed at some point, are convinced that it was a machine built for a fantastic and sinister purpose.  Many believe that it was either a working time machine or an antigravity machine.  If you believe what you see on TV and read on the internet, the Third Reich was indeed undertaking some rather nefarious research and development just prior to the end of the war in 1945. That is, aside from their ballistic and chemical weapons programs.

Allegedly an experiment was carried out by Third Reich scientists working for the SS in a German facility known as Der Riese (“The Giant”) near the Wenceslaus mine and close to the Czech border.  Die Glocke is described as being a device “made out of a hard, heavy metal”, approximately 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high having a shape similar to that of a large bell.  According to Cook, this device ostensibly contained two counter-rotating cylinders which would be “filled with a mercury-like substance, violet in color.  This metallic liquid was code-named “Xerum 525” and was otherwise cautiously “stored in a tall thin thermos flask a meter high encased in lead”.  Additional substances said to be employed in the experiments, referred to as Leichtmetall (light metal), “included thorium and beryllium peroxides”.  Cook describes Die Glocke as emitting strong radiation when activated, an effect that supposedly led to the death of several unnamed scientists and various plant and animal test subjects.  Based upon certain external indications, Witkowski speculates that the ruins of a metal framework in the vicinity of the Wenceslas mine (aesthetically dubbed “The Henge”) may have once served as test rig for an experiment in “anti-gravity propulsion” generated with Die Glocke; others, however, dismiss the derelict structure as simply being a conventional industrial cooling tower.

"The Bell Henge"

“The Bell Henge”

If we allow our speculations to run wild, we can easily come up with any number of scenarios, from time travel, to manipulation of space-time, to antigravity and even to inter-dimensional travel.  Some German scientists have gone on record stating that the machine was designed to warp space-time and to allow the SS to travel backward through time, though since the majority of the world still speaks English, we can safely say that their plan didn’t work…or did it?

To anyone familiar with my work, you already know that I have a penchant for physics, cosmology and time travel, and I would like to put forth a theory of my own.

Dr. Brian Greene, author of The Fabric of the Cosmos, among others, has outlined a thought experiment, wherein one thinks of moments in time as slices of bread in a very long loaf.  Each slice corresponds to the slice behind it and before it, but none other.  If you walk along the loaf you can pluck out a slice from anywhere and that slice will be the present.  All of the slices before it represent the future and all of the slices behind it are the past.  This analogy specifies the direction of time’s arrow, and it is only the beginning of my theory.

Travelling forward along the loaf is easy enough, each day, each minute each second of our lives we are doing just that, moving forward through time.  Moving backward however, proves to be difficult.  The scientific barriers to backward time travel or retro-time travel notwithstanding there is a paradox which must first be overcome before anyone can change time’s arrow; it is the Grandfather Paradox.

The Grandfather Paradox says, quite simply, that one cannot travel into the past and kill one’s Grandfather.  The reason seems obvious enough, if the traveller kills his Grandfather, his Father will never be born. Hence the traveller will never be born in order to grow up, discover time travel and go back to kill his Grandfather.

The same paradox exists for nearly anything you could imagine doing in the past, any changes that might be made, which could have an impact on the life of the traveller, would serve to make retro-time travel an impossibility.

There are though, a few ways around this paradox, and they might just relate to the Nazi Bell after all.  First off, there is the idea that the past is unchangeable, so going back in time would have you living your life as you did originally during the time period in question, and were you to travel back beyond your own birth, you would cease to exist.  Second and more important if not poignant, there is the idea that travelling backward through time has you travelling to a parallel time, or in line with the loaf of bread analogy above, an alternate loaf.  You wouldn’t actually be travelling back to a previous slice of bread from the past; you would be travelling to a corresponding slice of bread in a different loaf.

1_110715110848_1If this were the case, any changes you made would then play out in an all new and distinct future, thus, if you murdered your grandfather in that time line, only the “you” who was indigenous to that timeline would suffer for it.

And this finally brings me back to the Nazi’s and their wunderwaffe, if one were to subscribe to the idea that the Nazi’s had succeeded in building a time machine, with the intent to travel backward in time, for the obvious peril of us all, one has first to consider the Grandfather Paradox.  Might it be possible that SS scientists succeeded, and were transported via Die Glocke to an alternate past, and in that parallel timeline are ruling over all mankind?

The above is really a discussion of the quantum physics theory called Many-Worlds, wherein every conceivable timeline exists parallel to our own.  It purports that every possible configuration of the universe exists and is equally as real as the one we inhabit.

So, did Nazi scientists develop and build a time machine?  Your guess is as good as mine, though, I have heard reports that several top SS Officers and scientists disappeared without a trace just prior to the end of the war…

I arrange letters into specific combinations that, when considered in relation to other letters, sometimes make people laugh, shake their heads, and occasionally utter death threats. In a former life I was also an expert surveillance and background investigator.

Yes, I was a spy. No, I wasn’t spying on you…probably.

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  • Doris Chapman

    Did they really disappear? Maybe they couldn’t find a way to come back. It would have taken an enormous amount of energy to get back, so they probably would have had people traveling back to bring things to build the machine again wherever in time they were. There would have been more than a few scientists and nazi’s disappearing. Altho I always think of the things I might have done, the choices I might have made and theywould have automatically created another universe. Branes, are the names for the different universes. Right?
    Doris Chapman

  • Martin J. Clemens

    Hi Doris,

    Branes are actually a part of Super String Theory, it is thought that the seven extra dimension of reality are held in branes. The word has double meaning, it’s short for membranes, and is meant to describe the nature of closed loop quantum strings. 

    On subject though, I hadn’t considered what it might take to get back from a trip to the past.  I now wonder if the Nazi scientists considered that problem themselves.


  • http://gmail cameron cochren

    I personally think that it was a time machine, that the nazi’s have created their own personal universe ruling over everyone. What if the world we are living in is another alternate universe. That this is the universe of evolution. i believe that there is another universe, that there are multiple all having different time lines, different events, and different people all together. That god has created multiple but the nazi’s have broken that and created their own where they rule and there is no hope for the people living there. They have created a bubble of protection from the other universes where they thrive where the U.S. can’t drop another A bomb on them wiping them out again. That is my theory.

  • Martin J. Clemens

    Thanks for reading and commenting Cameron, your ideas are in line with the many world hypothesis, I suggest you look it up for more interesting reading.

    One thing though…the US didn’t drop an atomic bomb on the Nazis, they dropped one on the Japanese, which was a different conflict altogether, though was still part of WWII. 

  • Doris Chapman

    I appreciate the fact that you considered my theory about getting back to here. But, as Cameron says:maybe they just created their own universe.  I will consider that.  By the way, I thought there were 11 “branes” in the theory. Isn’t Brian Greene the guy who is on TV; he had one show that explained quantum theory – he was pleasantly arguing with the Jewish Mama. I like Brian Greene.

  • timechild

    i say sorry for my english but i’m actualy dutch  and dyslectic
    it would be more logic that ik makes a distortuion field that everyting close to is travels in time while al the rest  stayes in its place of the lifeof a person go’s fast is he is close and normal if he is not near so only a zone would travel time and not like they see it now see it lake the 3d telivision we say 3d while it is going in to the deep instead of coming out and stil you have an idee of dept while tru 3d is coming to wards you and i tink that you must think like that more than i go there start the thing and i’m back in the middelages it wil bend time for a place not for the universe even einstein says time is relevant it’s in the eye of the beholder and the persen experiensing it i think you can make a time buble and everyting in it wil (atoms resonate rapidly befor they disinegrate) see it as a slope you can start the proces but as farder it go’s the faster it also go’s only ting is with a slope you are going some where and in time travel you end on the same spot as you went forward (sorry i don’t believe in going back in time slowing time down yes going back no
    i have my own set if theories and idees on time and space but that was created bij reachershing stuff like resonation codes from materials kwantumfisics stringtheory and al those thing you can conect sme things and take the best tings from all theories and you become like me if you look sme theories have a lot in comen all things in the universe resonate and that bring me back to strings and super strings every thing starts with a resonasion individual atoms have diferent resonasion codes and it’s proven if you match or counter that resonasion you can encreas or desinegrate a atom like a weel going round and is given an extra push

  • Eliahzrel

    Well it didn;t change that the Nazis still fell.. too bad im interested on their science and there mystery research on anatomy and engineering

  • timechild

    it’s just typical how allthings done by the nazi’s are based on things deseday’s they would say fiction but proof is springing up over the whole world that we are older than we think and thins nazi’s tries almost all came from other cultures befor them i believe that in now and 20 years there wil be proof of a intelegent life form that lived for us or maybe even beside us i’m busy to see if i cam remake a mic. so it can pic up singals that some people call spirits/huantings i believe that time can shine trough to a other time its strange that we as humans never saw dinosaurs and stil there are mayan pots found with colour paintings of dinosaurs in the colours they where ive experienced it my self that i asked a tourguid some things that he later reseached and it was like i sayed it was and even stranger things that are going to happen i can find a lot os good ansers how it could be people see thing from the past (negative energy absorbed bij the building) but stil interacting ghosts are even harder to explane in the time theorie maybe they see me as a ghost in that time?? but if time is sipping trough to this time and people like me can pick it up maybe it’s some kind of ferquensy that the brain can pick up but not al humans have it so if thats trough if our brain is an antenna in time than maybe we can find troughj brain scans what part is active and what kind of energy its radiating and producing and maybe so can change time travvel time but still i think more in a way of sending messages than some thing fysical but it s the first step
    you also see the nazi’s work hard with a paranormal division that they sent over the whole world and maybe they jused them to see in time to 
    and that is also the basis of the work i’m doing i’m looking to crack that code the fun part is they say evp (electronic voice fenomenon)  are ghosts but my theorie would sugest that evp is a voice in time 
    that is also the way i experience it if i get info out of other times
    and nazi sience engeneering and belief all flowed in to one they went so fast becaus they diddent stop at what fysics sayed what was that saying if the part dousn’t fit the theorie change the theorie that is saying the sam als its harder to lat a stream go trough a stone than around it but what if the thing you want to do is inside the rock then it dousnot work to go around it
    and nazi beliefd that to, they even believed the could change the laws of fysic that man left them selfes to be restrained to what the word  or body say
    the truth is we wil never know all in this exsistense and evrything is constanly changing
    in history there where a lot of things in the past we sayed could not be done and
    and that we cant do it dous not mean it cant be done :we cant breath underwatter that dousn’t mean nothing on earth can and the same with fysics and if there are multiverses even more what if one or  more universes have a change in fysics and that shines trough that is one of the other theories that i had multivers that people see and register as ghosts but i’m acounting all that in my tests  one of my other tests i want to do is still in experimental fase and kind of secret but is based on nazi studdies on comunication cause there where people that had the idee that if there was a multiverse you could talk to your self in the other dimension or other people but that is pure theorie they never took it more sererius than the theorie and never got the finance and backup from the people that can make a diferense on reacherse
    and eneneering of the nazi’s is a secondary hobby for me don’t like there poletics but damn the were good in engeneering en tecnics and that is the only thing i can respect them for but they did’nt let them selfs be botherd bij ethics like i think if people would search like the nazi’s for sciense they would find a cure for aids and canser (only think would not be somany people on the world to enjoy it afterwords)
    but people always see the bad things not the good
    if we would hate the chinees so much becaus what they did or even the brits or frensh
    (because what bad things they did in the name of sience then you would shame you’r self also to be one of them )we had the V.O.C if we talk about the golden age of holland that was the v.o.c time what did we do we took 1000 to milions of slaves and sell them to america for lots of gold and stil the say golden age why becaus we became ritch over the corses of other people thats evenly wrong as the nazi;s but only the coment is we as humans diden’t know better in that age and so we wil think about ww2 and nazi’s to over hundreds of years  
    and see it like this even einstein and tesla and even nietshe made mistakes and have done things wrong  no one is clean a lion even has to kill evendo he is king of all animals    

  • timechild

    p.s sory for the long comment i lost the thime while typing 😛

  • timechild

    hey what is this i placed a article here as awnser to the last coment
    where is it ?
    Censored? ……..( censorship was a nazi weapon to silense the masses . are you nazi’s?)
    some say i’m insane but they also sayed that about einstein and i can understand that some one who knows more than you can be scary . but you can also swalow your pride and see what you can learn from them
    if you see some one with a gift(be it knolege or be it experience) dont see it as compatison see it as a gift/chanse ot lurn or even change you’r sight and thinking about stuff (cause if you think you completely understand something there is always exseption of the rule see is as you think you know the psycoligy of a human while you are actualy a monkey (they are among you and the only thing you think is o that is a strange or ugly monkey)as a lower lifeform you can think you understand the higher bieings but like the english say only can understand a man if you have walked e day in his shoes.
    but troughly  only trough perception and thinking is not enough to understand a person past future and now are also a thing of infuense
    whell probably will be delleted but don’t care ive filmd the monitor while doing this and i know enough sites i cn post this showing how you censore this site and if you don’t want to know every thing don’t look tv don.t read books dont internet caus one day humanity will wake up depresed thinking to know all bieing arrogant in there life and so dooming them selfs that is the thought of this world i know more than you and it is a competison in dese days it is no longer the search to enlightentmentit is a race for fame and still i rather be a babbeling fool in time than seen as a hero for a theorie that wil always be changed and by so disapering  in oblivion i’m used to no one listening and i only have to reach out to one and educate him in stuff normals would go and cry over
    and maybe he can use one of the theories to change or destroy the world every one has it owns choise the good the bad the neutral
    good einstein geniuis supreme   ,steven hawkings
    neutral me and tesla
    evil ali chemicalie . and most nazi sciensists
    and let go the borders between theories all have influense on each others

  • tomtime

    Simple time travel is not possible, complex calculations to establish where our planet will be in the different times would make it complex.  Matter movement in space requires a knowledge of the physical location for your home world in the destination time.  Clearly the NAZI’s may have been able to warp time but not space.  The movement of the vehicle in time is simply controlled, but where will you be in space?  Observable travel in short spurts would have been a goal easily achieved with the Bell, but to move over greater times would possibly leave the Bell in the void of space lost.  Quite possibly short travels would place you inside the earth as it moved through space, leaving the Bell in molten magma, underground, encased in stone or undersea.
    This is where the knowledge of the travel of the planets through the expanse of space would be critical.  As the original experiments appeared to be tethered or chained to large structures was an attempt to prevent losing the bell as it moved.  I wonder if it is possible to prevent movement of the contents as the Bell moved in time.  I guess my shallow understanding of the physics makes the operation more complex than it might be if the pilot could keep in touch and guide the craft to hold its position relative to the planet.  could human intervention be adequate to controll travel at such phenominal speeds, how could humans see to manuver when the obejects move at greater than light speed.  complex navigation would have to be non human but mechanical in nature.   

  • Stephanie

    Have you ever read The Black Order by James Rollins? His works of fiction are well-researched. This one dealt with the Nazi’s “Bell” and purports that a duplicate, simultaneous “Bell” project was being carried out in another part of the world through to the present day. Steeped heavily, but understandably, in quantum physics (Shrodinger’s Cat paradox), the author suggests that the “Bell” was designed to change human DNA – quantum evolution.

  • timechild

    you mean like how captain america and the redskull where created ?
    in the comic i belief in transmutasion of cells bij radiation but don’t think the nazi’s where looking for that purpose thats more the myth of the super soldier (ubersoldate) that was more a genetic breeding program like dogs or cows trieing to combind stronger taints of both parents ) and even cloning the radiation theorie came in to life in the coldwar period beginning oflike a few things wath ever happend to the children in that breeding project they disapeard just like the ss paranormal division disapeerd and i’m sure those are the poeple that know more also some of manglers experiments that he let loos what ever hapend to those poeple many poelpe say antartica same with the bell it’s on antartica but still some one must know more
    what if we take the theorie that it is floating in a void nw what if it jumps out of that void bij malfunction ? what would happen and where would it happen maybe the bell was an explosion in the past (i could buy that theorie bell disapears and jups back to 10,000 bc and explodes on the other side of the world making the myth of sodom and ghomorha)i also hade a other theorie over sodom and ghomorha but that a day filler:P cause i think i could even prove the theorie if i had the money and acces to resorses for it and say it’s posible with the tools of there time 😛
    p.s other queston some one might knowprobablie the bell prodused a frequinsy tone or vibration that could brake trough time and space wath would it take to produce that tone/pitch in sound with computers and stuff like special made boxessee it like trieing to nullefie the universal frequinsy thats always around us if you can nullifie that what other efects can you get then?
    see it as sound if you doe the right kind of sound waves against eash other the nullefie them selfs that as absolute 0 point what if we do that with radiation or even the frequinsy we live in in this world i hade a discusion with some one that if we would live with other bieings on this earth that we would have seen them and my 2 arguments where no what if they live on a speed that we cant observe jet we see so little of all that is thats why we use 24 frames per second in a film and second of al what if there are multiple frequinsies as some say multiverse and those would be the things the bell tried to get acces t i think
    and to be honest if it was to alter human dna i dont think they would have used slavearbeiters to remove  the rubber matts with the tought what if it worked on one of them we have a problem i see the headliners in america already war won by uberhumans ore from forced arbeiter to ubersoldat how the germans lost the war no i think if it was that they would have used electrik arms or german soldiers to do dat but not slaves in there eyes never let a slave test a weapon it might use it against you somthing they thought it’s like giving a gun to a monkey if he knows where its for he uses it and you never know whats going on in its head so you never know if it will turn against you or not
    and those kind of arbeiters where only put in realy dirty jobs that you dont want to do but has any one ever thought about that the germans might have had lithium i know it comes from one or 2 places in the wordl but if they where in tibet already who knows they might had it becaus we think we discoverd everything but lithium is older than poeple think also used in speed and as a meddicine (both make you lose you’r sanity) i think the germans where also testing with that and it also highly toxic maybe they tried somthing with lithium
    and is that the secret and why did they do the test at the skoda factory(you would think if it is so big of a invention they would build it nearer to berlin look at the atomic generator they where building in middel of berlin only poor design not ever would it get ful capassity but owel they lost and i’m afraid that the awnser is lost in time and space till something new comes out or they find some thing new the last things we can do is hope an theories and hope we can prove a point in this all so atleast our names could live forever like how cool would it be if you’r name would be set in the history books as the man who discoverd fire as an accample and now we are talking time travel you would end up wit names like niel armstrong einstein
    but hey remember there will always be things you mised and other poeple that use your ideer’s theories consepts and if they do see it as a compliment it means its a good idee(and not stealing it pointing to things like apple and microsoft) but always credit the original auteur if you can.
    i always say ik get my ideers from difrent sourses and make my own idee so you can always find somthing that comes frome some where but not just like that its like writting mozarts way of thinking but using it to make metal(music)
    what davincie did designing things that where reality in tesla’s time and we all hope to pick a piece of that in the future our names rememberd couse remember thisour names and our theories / invensions/crimes and so on will be rememberd never the person we realy where.

  • Doris

    Off subject:  I think it’s wonderful that this “time machine” thing has caused so many different people to respond with so many different ideas.  I like the idea of the Bell being designed to change human dna.  Maybe that’s the purpose of the “other” bell.

  • timechild

    wahat if there never is time and we are thinking about it al wrong what if the keksburgbell came out of a parale universe /multiverse were the germans kept going on till it worked and it transported in the dimension where the germans have won(caus that is what would happen if it is a multiverse and it took till the date of the keksburg bell to finish the project and we get thare prototyp shot in to our dimansion while the might think it’s got shot in empty void 😉 if there are multiverses they would be easyer to visit than go back in time i think(not saying more accesable noo first i think we need to find out how we can transport mater via satelite or some other way like telleportasion if you understand the basics of that (basics i mean home made teleporters becaus yuo can learn that at skool
     think it would be easyeri thing that wil work at the same way like sending a tata strream instead of one big file that consists of 10biljion combinatieons on specefic locations

  • http://yahoo tomacz

    on one website about the bell weapon,it describes the local effects,limited ti the inside of the  bell,the counter fast rotating gravity coils caused a huge increase
      of gravity, depending on the direction of rotation,It aged articles like
    a rubber tire a million years,resulting in a puddle of oil,,a dead animal turned into dust,used as a weapon,it could have reduced whole cities to ashes,without heat,fireball in a milisecond ,,,,,,,poof,adios dude.
    were this the case,we could make lead from nuclear waste gold from piles of
    lead, diamonds from coal

  • http://yahoo tomacz

    correction i think is called for, extreme gravity slows time

  • wendy moyra angela darling

    I think the wunderwaffe is a person .Bell is short for Isabella.Isabella means  ‘gods promise ‘ and so does isabella .I think the Bloodline is the key, It’s in the spark. Someone out there has the spark to ignite that portal.I bet her name is isabella

  • wendy moyra angela darling

    I mean bell means gods promise too.Sorry

  • timechild

    die bell was not the real name that was chronos
    Yess!!! good news every body
    (or not there are thing i wil never say in a public forum)

    Yesss!!!!………………..XERUM 525

    i found what i needed to make it and maybe even enhance it      

    (and a prepetsial machine  i think we(humanity) must stop with working in duo’s pairs or linked
    and start working in 3)

    i know its hard and thats why i work in 6  we think line in and line out and i work with kristal power (and no not like the hippie’s way like man i can feel the colours) in a electric lighter the thing that makes the static
    also is a cristal many things use a cristal because of the frequensy that is alwas constant or the super flat speakers and mic’s (the coper/messing very thin speakers with a smaler thin circle that is the same thing if you hit it it bites back and if you please by giving a electric push it starts fibrating dependingly the power and such
    why cristals?
    if you read  the sanscrite texts they use a lot of cristal fusions a metal forged with a compound that looks like the stuf the romans used to make a cement basin that would stay in tact and hold water for hundreds of years there trick was volcanic ash and we use bolder that survived a lava stream as a powder in smelter ovens
    we even use one of them like a ornament on a table in a showcase a stone exposed to lava that cristalls and turns colour depending the metals that have left there mark in the stone    theorie
    Many natural gemstones have colors caused by ligand field effects (see emeralds) or charge transfer (see sapphires) within the crystal structure.
    Defects known as color centers within the crystal structure may alter its natural color. Defects may be introduced by heating or by irradiation. This may occur naturally; for example, some crystals change color following prolonged exposure to the UV rays present in sunlight.
    Within the jewelry industry, this effect has been exploited to produce intense gem colors, though it is now general practice to disclose any treatment affecting gemstone color. Naturally colored gems are more highly valued than those that have been treated.
    Take a century-old glass bottle, and expose it in the desert to the ultraviolet radiation present in strong sunlight. Come back after ten years, and the glass will have acquired an attractive purple color. Heat the bottle in an oven, and the color disappears. Next, expose the bottle to an intense source of energetic radiation, and within a few minutes an even deeper purple color appears.
    The system of mineralogy of James Dwight Dana, 1837-1868

    p.s if you have that book original it’s worth 300euro  
     odine was discovered in 1811 by French chemist Bernard Courtois (1777-1838).
    The element occurs primarily in seawater and in solids formed when seawater evaporates.
    Its single most important property may be the ability to kill germs. It is used in antiseptics,
    germicides (products that kill germs), and other medical applications. However,
    it has a great many other less common, but important, commercial applications.
    Group 17 (VIIA)

    some hints are given in every coment
    how i made the mix that becomes xerum instant heat to 2050celsius
    i used some tesla ideas to athive that  and some fast heat conductors that cant rust bij one of the elements merquiry oxidates trough iron extremely fast so keep that in mind with working with things like radiasion static/electric chemical biological and heavy metals(leads lithium merquiry) that means that in a combo dont forget that stil (even mixed and alterd it still has parts of the original substance in it) so lithium + merquiry mix stil eats trough iron

  • Simon Gunson

    The Nazi Bell was a spherical Tokamak particle accelerator, used by the Nazis to transmute Thorium 232 into Protactinium 233. From this they could obtain Uranium 233 for the Nazi atomic bomb project. That is all it was. Patents were granted to two scientists Steenbeck and Dallenbach in 1938 for variations of the same device.
    Three of these Nazi Bell devices were captured by the Americans in 1945 and later tested in project Matterhorn. They were not anti gravity devices and i am almost certain the CIA spread false rumours as a distraction from the truth about this device.

  • Mal’achai Cahoon

    I have done a large amount of research regarding the Wunderwaffen and I might be able to give you a little more information on the subject. You see I have some “informants” working for me.

  • Rom

    New book about the “Bell”: THE HUNT FOR WUNDERWAFFE by Bartosz Rdułtowski There are only a few stories about the secrets of World War II that can fire the imagination of researchers and readers the way the rumors about German Wunderwaffe (Wonder Weapon) do. This book presents a verification of the unquestionably most interesting and – at the same time – least noted threads of the story: the traces that lead the German researches on secret weapons to the mysterious Polish Owl Mountains. The most secret weapon of the Third Reich was supposed to be developed and tested right in this particular mountain range – according to the information spread since 1998. This top-secret project was code-named “Chronos”; an apparatus called “The Bell” (die Glocke) was its mastermind. Will the hypothesis about a technological breakthrough made by the Nazi Germans in strict confidentiality that has been promoted for decades be ultimately confirmed? Will the hitherto information about the German works on Wunderwaffe in the Owl Mountains be what their promoters wanted them to be? Or perhaps the truth is somewhat different… Bartosz Rdułtowski – an author of a number of books devoted to secret armament projects – presents the results of his 10-year research on the case; a research – and its publication – that has met with a huge interest in Poland.  

  • Chris Allen

    Can any one tell me what the strange markings are below the actual bell pictured above and on a recent discovery channel documentary I watched.
    Do the markings correspond to anything? Are they an alien or an ancient Germanic language?

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  • http://www.naziculture.du Patrick agentCBAiSD

    niemcy niemcy niemcy ponad wszystko :)

  • Paul Dutton

    check out my website. its a working project and my theory for the Die Glockes in one story

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  • zddred

    just because we see nazis dead doesn’t mean they’re gone in one piece the time space concept doesn’t always point to whats obvious but maybe they use this bell and are gathering to make a comeback in a alternate universe in a opposite dimension NAZI BELL is in fact real and drifting through worlds and universes

  • Frank Slost

    New serious book on historical paranormal facts during Nazi Germany

  • Fernanintendo

    Uh, the reason the German scientists “vanished” at the end of the war was due to an allied forces operation, Operation Paperclip.
    The operation basically treated the brilliant German scientists as spoils of war..
    They were given a choice, come to either the United States or Russia, help us develop advanced technologies, pardoned of all war crimes OR face trials at Nuremberg with possible execution. So, naturally, half (the best) went to the US, Russia got the rest.
    Von Broun was an ardent Nazi, uniform and all, until he relocated to the US and headed NASA.

  • Martin J. Clemens

    Yeah, thanks. Though I’m very much aware of Project Paperclip, and that’s not what I was referring to.

  • Steven A. Norris

    Is it possible that the Bell was a gateway in itself. Such as the Bell being an anti-gravity device, lifting up and shooting a round doorway out of the bottom to the ground. I believe I can recreate this event but only in theory because of no funding. I cannot however, recreate the doorway. That is purely hypothetical, but the anti-gravity is possible, and I think that it is possible to recreate this technology. The key is in the details of elements using the same materials as the S.S. Gold, Mercury, and Magnetic stone.

  • Frank Lost

    This story of the Bell is not history. It is a pure Post-War fabrication that brought lots of money to its inventors. Well read Nazi Secrets by Frank Lost

  • charlie

    There are various places on the earth where time holes exist either into the past or the future, not necessarily into the same point in the past or the future. I was wondering what your view on this is. My specific question is are these time holes natural or are they the remnant of a once advanced civilization?

  • Michael Ivy

    Dear Sir,
    I am in the planning and research phase of my Novel “Rose and Bridges” and I would like to speak to you at length about this project. I am a fiction writer as you would have guessed and I need input and expert opinion and thought.
    My book is not to convince or deny what this project was but the “What if’s”, if it was what people say it might have been…
    I plan on speaking with physicists, astronomers, and a few psychics, since Hitler was known to ask and use their advice.

  • Ian

    I’m afraid the theory about it being used to obtain uranium is the closest I’ve seen to reality. I’d like for it to be something more mysterious and sinister, but I’m convinced it was just an experimental way of obtaining fissile material. Though I have to say I’m confused by the phrases you use. I had thought that Tokamak, as a technical term, referred to a toroidal fusion reactor, and that U235 instead of 233 was required for bomb use. Either way, whether as a Tokamak particle accelerator or a centrifuge, I think it most likely was just built to obtain or enrich uranium.

  • scottyboy

    Maybe the Nazis did change our time line, its more effective to rule secretly, rather than force us to speak ze german.

    I am refering to the UN and the EU both divised by “ex Nazis” (among other)


  • Paul Dutton

    my website address is moved to

  • Sherry45

    Oh, God in Heaven…It’s called “punctuation.” Please try some.

  • Paul Dutton

    ive been writing this for the past two and a half years about the nazi bell and a time watch called the designator ,This is a never done before story of a man who’s personality changed with in years after his vasectomy, who added some WW2 machines with some time travel thrown in and some history altered to make the fictional story work. @ although my Grammar and spelling is shit its the content of the story that is good

  • Marquis

    So the other universe is not an universe of evolution?

  • Marquis

    “First off, there is the idea that the past is unchangeable, so going back in time would have you living your life as you did originally during the time period in question, and were you to travel back beyond your own birth, you would cease to exist.”

    Wait, what? I am pretty sure you are talking about the Novikov self-consistency principle. This implies that whatever you do to change your past, is already part of the past, cause it happened already, therefore you cant change a thing. Never heared of, that you would simply cease to exist O.o

  • Paul Dutton

    why is it all about punctuation grammar and spelling i admit mine is shit, but if the story line and content is good. what’s the problem.

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  • Bogumil Kadryll
  • Paul Dutton

    your video didn’t explain your theory it was a collection of lights and video of the henge so if the Die Glocke is the time machine what is your delivery system to ensure you travel to said time and place you require , as in my story i have said delivery system in the shape of a gold pocket watch with time date and coordinates, once time date and coordinates are set you then depress the power button. when power button is depress the design on the rear of the watch called the black sun shoots fourth each ray of the sun is an electrode each electrode attaches itself to your body it glows white hot and melts your flesh becoming part of you it then uses your electrical impulses from your brain to keep you in said time and place this watch is linked to each Die Glockes when link is active the Die Glocke opens 2 wormholes in the forth de-mention one in this time and space and the other end is time and space you set the watch too , i also installed radiation buffering coil systems in Each Die Glocke to ensure the radiation feed back loops would be stable during transportation of the traveller , i know my story is based fiction that was created in my head since 2006 ive been writing my story but mine theory sounds more feasible than what you have done take a look you might enjoy the read!!

  • Tim

    Initially I thought/assumed they were Armanen Runes, but having looked a bit closer, they do not appear to be them. It is not Sanskrit, and it isn’t Sumerian Cuneiform. So I don’t know what they are…perhaps something Maria Orsic and Sigrun channeled from the Overlords of Aldebaran?

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  • Noah Hunt

    Nazi UFO Conspiracy at the bottom of the bell. I wonder how I can post comments through disqus considering I didn’t ever remember creating an account through them and wonder how they know some of my internet history.

  • Martin J. Clemens

    You should probably take that up with the people who own/run disqus.

  • hidflect

    It is not possible to go back in time because there is no such thing. Time is an abstract notion we created. There is only change relative to other change. We measure these differences and call it “time”. The memories you have of yesterday are just collections of neurons in the present. The house of your childhood isn’t gone even if it was bulldozed. It’s still here in the present; just in changed form and structure. Even if you could go back in time how would you displace the existing atoms where you came back into? As you appeared in the past there would be a tricky matter fusion to overcome crimping any plans you had. There’s a bunch of other reasons why time travel is illogical that I’m too lazy to write out here. Forget it. The “now” is where you are and all that will ever be.

  • XYZ


  • Dan

    Die Glocke was a cyclotron designed to maximize gamma ray emissions. Half of the heavy iron magnet core was under the floor giving the visible part a bell shape. Xerium 525 was mercury antimony oxide, thorium oxide, mercury and perhaps beryllium oxide. Gamma rays would make the antimony and beryllium release slow neutrons that would convert the thorium to protactinium that would degrade in 27 days into nuclear bomb grade U-233. The two counter rotating cylinders were originally described as hollow spheres. This was an erroneous interpretation of the top view of the cyclotron vacuum chamber with two hollow ‘dees’ and incorrectly assumed to be a side view. The Bell Henge was the support structure for a cooling tower for a steam power plant to provide more power to the underground lab but was never completed. The US had invested heavily in uranium 235 centrifuges and breeders reactors for plutonium. They had good reasons for suppressing and spreading crazy disinformation about this alternate method of making nukes.

  • Martin J. Clemens

    And you got this information where, exactly?

  • Daniëlle Zana

    There is very little understanding about this, the Die Glocke is nothing but a warp engine…

  • rose

    But if we can’t read it because the words you meant are written as something else, and if we can’t figure out what you’re trying to tell us, then how do we get to the good content of the story? You are wrong; grammar matters- because in short, I don’t know what you’re saying.

    This, for example: “…stuff like special made boxessee it like trieing to nullefie”

    I tried, but this makes no sense in any shape or form. I can’t even guess what you wanted to say here.

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  • nsurround

    I believe Dan got the information from