Germany Creates Die Glocke 2.0: Fusion Power is On The Way

Illustration: Adapted from IPP by C. Bickel/Science

Well, zee Germans have gone and done it again.  They’ve used their notoriously impressive technical prowess and physics genius to create a device that could allow them to take over the world.  A contraption reminiscent of the famed Wunderwaffe: Die Glocke, has been built at a cost of over €1.1 billion, and they’re expected to turn it on sometime this … Continue reading

Scientists Just Gave Life a New Birthdate


Of the many questions that vex humanity, there is one above all others.  It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves since we realised we could ask ourselves questions.  There are a lot of people who think they know the answer, even though there are almost more answers than there are people.  Even so, we officially don’t know the truth. Where … Continue reading

So You Think You Know Superpowers?


By far, the fastest growing genre of movies and entertainment right now is that of the superhero epic.  We have superheroes on the brain, it seems.  It’s not surprising, really; hero worship has been an element of human society for many thousands of years.  It’s what made us great hunters on the plains, it’s what spurred us to learn more … Continue reading

Cloning the Mammoth and Matrix-Chickens: Where Are Our Priorities?


This is an exciting time to be alive, which I’m sure is something that’s been said of every single era of human history by different people.  But it seems to be uttered in awe of our current age more frequently, by people describing our current level of technological advancement. We can clone wooly mammoths now!  Isn’t that incredible?  We can … Continue reading

The Curiosity Cycle by Jonathan Mugan: Reviewed

curiosity cycle

As we navigate our strange, complex, and seemingly infinite world, we are constantly learning.  Of course, the older we get, the more we rely on what we already know, rather than learning new concepts.  For children it’s the exact opposite.  Children are constantly building virtual models of their reality in their heads in an effort to understand just what the … Continue reading

Déjà vu: Remembering the Present


Have you ever had that feeling that you’ve experienced a moment in time before?  It’s vague, hazy, and a little disorienting, but the more you focus on it the stronger it gets.  You’ve definitely been in this place, at this time, seeing, hearing, feeling what’s happening right now…but when? According to the statistics, at least 75% of you know that … Continue reading